You've Hired Darren for Gutter Cleaning - What to Expect

Hurray! You’ve decided to entrust me (Darren, that is) with protecting your home from rain spilling off your roof at your foundation. You’ve made a great choice. Here’s what to expect leading up to and on the day of your cleaning.

When Will I Be There?

I may have either made an appointment with your or told you I’ve put you on my Will Call List.

If you’ve combined your gutter cleaning service with another service like window cleaning or pressure washing you might have an appointment set for a specific time and day. You’ll hear from me the day before your service to remind you, and on the day I’ll do everything I can to arrive within a half hour either way of your allotted time. I’ll keep you up to date on the day, and let you know if my time will need to be revised. 

Sometimes (more often when you’ve booked an eavestrough cleaning by itself) you’ll be on my Will Call List. When a hole opens up in my schedule, or if I finish other jobs quicker than expected I’ll pop by and get your cleaning done. I’ll still give you a heads up I’m coming but it might be only hours or even minutes before I arrive. I never like to leave someone sitting on a will call list for long, so if you’ve been waiting for more than a week, you’ll likely hear from me and I’ll book you a solid time. Feel free to call in if you’re wondering!

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Do You Need to be Home for Gutter Cleaning?

In most cases no! As long as your water is on and I can get into your yard, I can complete your gutter cleaning without you needing to be there. Exceptions to this might include if you have a high balcony I need to access from inside to complete the cleaning, or if you have specific problem areas you’d like to point out to me (of course, I can often work from pictures for such things). You’re certainly always welcome to be there, I love to meet my customers.

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Things to Do Before I Arrive

There shouldn’t be much you need to do to prepare for me. After all, the point of hiring someone is to ease up your own workload. There are four things that I would greatly appreciate:

  1. Make sure your water is on. To clean and test your system I need access to water on sight please.
  2. Bring the dogs inside. I love dogs. If you have friendly dogs I’d be delighted if you’d introduce me to them. I would; however, appreciate it if you could keep them inside while I’m doing my work. I’d hate for them to get out while I’m in and out of your gate.
  3. Ask your neighbours if I can put my ladder in their yards. This is only important if your house doesn’t have much space on the sides of it. When I’m working on ladders it’s important for my safety to get the ladder at the right angle, and for big houses on skinny lots, that often means starting on your neighbours’ sides of the fence.
  4. Haul away hazards. The side yard is often a home for things we’ll never use, and haven’t yet gotten rid of. If you have a spot around your house full of long grass and jagged steel somethings… well, I’d appreciate it if you could clear the wreckage. 
Hey look! Some of the gutter is full and some of it is cleaned! Darren made that happen!

During Your Gutter Cleaning

The actual cleaning appointment goes like this:

  1. I’ll come and introduce myself/say hi. If you have questions or concerns I’d like to hear them.
  2. I’ll do a walk around of your property to make a plan as well as identify hazards and problem spots.
  3. I’ll set up ladders, possibly rig fall protection, and connect my hose. I always use my own hose. I never want to take the risk of scuffing or cutting your hose.
  4. I’ll collect debris from your gutters and bag it, carrying it out to your garbage pickup spot.
  5. I’ll rinse your system with water and run water down all the downspouts, locating and clearing clogs as I find them.
  6. I’ll inspect your system for problem areas such as leaky seams, holes, and poor sloping. 
  7. As I’m going I’ll be doing minor troubleshooting such as knocking back in loose gutter spikes, and re-attaching downspouts that have come apart. I’ll be taking some pictures too so you know what I’m looking at up there. That’s included in my price.
  8. With your approval I can perform additional minor repairs at a cost such as sealing holes and leaky seams, or replacing end caps and downspout collars.
  9. I’ll record findings in a Gutter Cleaning Inspection report and attach pictures. The report has an evaluation of the health of your system, a recommended cleaning schedule, and recommended repairs.
  10. I’ll tidy up your home and yard, spraying off any debris that might have landed on your sidewalks, and any mud on your siding/eavestroughs. 
  11. I’ll let you know I’m done, and send you your invoice and inspection report.

The Final Product

  1. Your home and yard should be at least as clean as I found it. If you find a mess, I haven’t met my own standards. Please let me know.
  2. The vast majority of debris will be out of your gutters. But not all of it. I want your system to work great. For gutters, function trumps beauty. You may see small amounts of grit, dirt, or leaves in your eavestroughs after cleaning. This is normal. 
  3. Gutter cleaning, and gutter whitening are different. The outsides of your gutters may still be stained. Gutter cleaning is the process of getting the gutters working. I’ll clean up mud I spill on the outside of the gutters, but the process of scrubbing all the dirty markings that accumulate on the outside of gutters over time is a different service called gutter whitening. I can do that too! If it’s something you want let’s talk about it.
  4. Debris removed will be neatly bagged and set out ready for pick up with your garbage. If you’re in a community where you pay per bag of garbage let me know. Alternative arrangements can be made.

And that’s it! A lot of text to say this process will be easy for you and effective. I endeavour always to give you great value for your money. I pride myself on thorough workmanship and care for your property. You have my guarantee when I’m done you’ll be confident your gutters are in great shape, or you’ll know exactly what more to do to get them there.

Darren Steele, the head man of Darren Does That window cleaning