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About Darren Does That

I worked twelve years in the window and gutter cleaning industry for a handful of larger companies in Edmonton. My favourite days were when the lottery of crew assignments had me returning to houses I’d cleaned before to renew connections I’d made with customers. But as the companies and my duties grew this happened less often. I think maybe a service company ought to look different. In 2020 we want to know who we’re working with. We want relationships we can trust. Let’s talk about what you need done. I can help.


Window Cleaning

There’s an art to it. Get your glass cleaned by one of the best. Inside, outside, skylights, and more. You’ll be delighted by the vistas through your truly clean windows.

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Darren Does Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Get your essential maintenance done without crossing your fingers a worker won’t fall. We’re leaders in a safe approach to gutter cleaning.

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Darren does Pressure Washing, Siding Washing, and Driveway Washing

Power Washing

There’s more to it than blasting water at your house. Darren will match the right products and processes to the material being washed, and what’s being washed off it.

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It all starts with knowing the price doesn't it?

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