Preparing for your Service Visit

To avoid disappointment, delays, or additional costs, please find here what we’d like you to do to prepare for our arrival. We reserve the right to decline parts of jobs if there are unusual hazards present to people, homes, and belongings.  We want you to get timely, thorough, quality service, and ensuring the following is in place gives us our best chance at delivering that to you.

General Prep

Vehicles on your Parking Pad: If your parking pad is near your house, like in a front garage home, please bring your vehicle into the garage, or park it on the street for our service visit. We may have to set up ladders on your parking pad, and we also don’t want to get your vehicle dirty. Especially if we are bring a lift we need lots of space to set up. 

Accessible Yard: Unless we are only working at the front of your home please make sure there is at least one gate we can get through into your yard. Please also have pets put away, even if they are friendly. We’d be devastated if your pet pulled an escape act while we were bringing ladders through your gate.

Tidy Yard: Cleaning up the dog poop and tidying your yard is greatly appreciated. We don’t want to track dog poop around your deck, and we reserve the right to skip over work we can’t access safely, so if there are windows over your scrap metal pile, you may have to live with that one staying dirty.

Kill the Wasps: Especially in late August, we encounter a lot of wasps very unhappy with us being around. Our work often takes us up near the soffits and in tight side yards of houses where wasp nests are common but you may not spend much time in your daily home life. If you have them, please get rid of them so we can complete the whole job without getting owies.

Snow and Ice: The risk our work presents to us increases dramatically once freezing temperatures arrive. Please remove snow and ice from your walkways, decks, and driveways where we’ll be working prior to our arrival.

Restricted Parking: If your home is in a neighbourhood that requires permits for on-street parking, please provide us either a parking spot on your private property (i.e. your driveway), or provide us a temporary parking permit so we can complete your service without being ticketed for parking on the street.

List to reinforce preparation required before DDT comes to service.

Christmas Lights

Power on: We want to test our lights in place to make sure your installation is 100% operational. Please make sure the power is on to the plugs you’d like us to use.

Snow and Ice Cleared: This is in the general prep list too… but it’s really important! We’ll bring salt and shovels along, but if there’s more to do than a cursory blowing off of snow in order for us to work safely, we’ll have to charge for snow removal time.

Christmas light Prep list

Service Specific Prep

Exterior Window Cleaning

Water On: We’ll need access to at least one outdoor faucet to clean windows. We’ll use our own hoses. Please make sure there is water available at the faucet.

Remove Exterior Screens: Some screens are designed so they cannot be taken out from outside. Some screens that in theory can be taken out from outside are installed so tight we can’t get them out without risking damaging them. If you don’t take out your screens we’ll do our best, but if we can’t get them out without risking damage we’ll have to skip the glass in behind them. If you do take exterior screens out please set them outside for us and we’ll clean them up as part of the job!

Close the windows: We don’t want to get water inside your house, especially if you aren’t home. Please makes sure your windows and doors are closed up tight.

Interior Window Cleaning

We’ve Got the Screens: no need to remove any screens. We’ll get them.

Stuff in Front of Windows: Please remove personal belongings from furniture in front of windows and from window sills themselves. If there’s furniture in front of the windows that you don’t want to move yourself, we’re happy to help provided we’re confident we can do so without harm. 

Deactivate Screen Alarms: If your screens scream when they’re taken out, please call your security company to have the alarms turned off for your visit. We need to take them out to get the best cleaning.</p>

Interior Window Cleaning Checklist

Gutter Cleaning

Water On: We can get the stuff out of your gutters without using water, but we want to flush your system to ensure downspouts are clear and to check for backgrading. We’ll use our own hoses. Please make sure there is water available at at least one faucet.

Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Water On: We can’t get much pressure washing done without water. Please make sure there is water available at at least one faucet.

Close the Windows: If we’re cleaning your siding, everything needs to be closed up tight. If we see windows open even a hair, we’ll give them a wide birth while cleaning so we don’t get any water inside.