Best Window Cleaning In Edmonton

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Darren has the tools and know-how to get your home’s windows looking fantastic. Whatever your budget and desired outcome we have a service that’s right for you.

Just The Glass

When You Just Need our Magic for the Glazing
From $129
  • Glass Cleaned Streak Free
  • Our Most Economical Service

The Usual

Routine Cleaning of Maintained Windows
From $150
  • Glass Cleaned Streak Free
  • Frames, Sills, and Tracks Wiped
  • Screens Brushed

The Persnickety

For the Fastidious Homeowner,
or when the Tracks are Truly Filthy
From $225
  • Glass Cleaned Streak Free
  • Frames, Sills, and Tracks Detailed to a Like New Clean
  • Screens Soaped Up and Thoroughly Cleaned

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To get windows incredibly clean we use a combination of the traditional and the cutting edge. For up close work, interiors, and ground floors we’re masters of the squeegee. We achieve a streak free finish with mild dish detergent, wicked squeegee skills, and lint-free detailing cloths. 

For work at heights we use a pure water cleaning system. Think about it like the spot-free rinse at your favourite car wash. A multi-stage filtration unit cleans all the contaminants out of water, and we send it up a 40 foot carbon fibre pole to scrub and rinse your windows clean. 

When the water evaporates, nothing is left behind but beautiful see through glass. Despite the terrific technology, this system still takes skill to use. Luckily we have that in spades. 

It’s not as magical as you might hope. We use blue Dawn, though we’ve used Sunlight, Palmolive, and soaps marketed specifically to window cleaners in the past. What’s in the water isn’t as important to a terrific window cleaning result as getting all the water off the window so nothing is left behind. For that, it’s all about the squeegee technique.

Of course, if we’re using our pure water cleaning system there’s no soap at all!

You’ll see in our window cleaning quotes we use the term Building Envelope Glass to describe what all is included. The building envelope is the part of your house that separates the interior heated spaces from the outdoors. That means that the glass in your front door is included, but things like glass railings, windows that look from one room into another, interior glass doors, and sunroom glass are not. Can we clean those? Absolutely! Please make sure we know you have additional glass you’d like cleaned and we’ll make a quote that includes it. 

We love cleaning interior windows! We take great pride in making your windows truly see through by doing a bang up job cleaning both sides.

For Exterior Window Cleaning you do not need to be home. We’ll message you when we’re on our way to your house, and send you the bill electronically when we’re done. We do want you to prep a couple things for us first though:

Please ensure you’ve left a gate unlocked for us.

Please clean up doggy mines from your yard.

If you have screens on the exteriors of your glass that cannot be taken out from the exterior, please take it out from the inside. We hate having to leave uncleaned glass behind. 

Pretty well any way you like! You can have a cheque or cash ready for us, but most prefer to pay by e-transfer or credit card. When the work is all done we’ll text or email you an invoice with an address to e-transfer to and a link to follow to make a secure online credit card payment. 

So much! We’re your go to for up high chores around your home, and we specialize in Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Pressure Washing, and Holiday Lights.