Permanent. Dazzling. Robust.

Permanent Christmas Lights To The REscue

Putting lights up and taking them down again each year is a pain

You’re either scaling your own roof twice a year trying to untangle your lights without taking a dive,  or you’re leaving them up and the sun is eating away at that plastic and your lights have gone yellow by the time next Christmas rolls around (if they still light up at all). 

Or you can hire out installing them and taking them down, which is convenient if you have the cash. Though still, if you want lights that will last you through many years they’re a bit of an investment. If a couple years down the road you find yourself thinking, “gee, I wish they weren’t always (insert colour here)” You’re plumb out of luck. Or rather, you were.

If You Don’t Want Another Yearly Chore/Expense You Want Permadazzle Permanent Christmas Lights

  • End the hassle of putting up (or paying someone to put up) lights every Fall and taking them down every Spring.
  • Never again stare at your lights in the off-season and wish they weren’t mucking up your beautiful house.
  • Forget about ponying up to commit to one colour or colour combo. 

Darren Does That is now installing Watts Permanent Lights

We Install 2 products

So you get the exact look you're seeking

Comparison between Watts Lights and Pixel Lights

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Lights are hidden in colour matched channel. You won't notice them until you light them up!

Where are they??

Hidden inside a colour-matched aluminum channel, Permadazzle Permanent Christmas Lights are unnoticed until you want them to be. And then, wow.

So tough they’re, well… Permanent!

Permanent Lights are installed under soffit where they are protected from the elements, and the lights are IP68 waterproof to survive through powerwashing and whatever else you throw at them.

Enjoy Piece of Mind with a 5 year warranty on materials and labour.

Permanent Everything Lights

  • Light them up in your team colours to cheer through the playoffs
  • Accompany holidays and birthdays with colours of your choice
  • Go warm white for classy yard parties

They’re Simple. And Simply Terrific

The Wifi hardware and software for Permadazzles makes connection (and reconnection on those inevitable router reboots and ISP changes) a breeze. For the tech-nervous there are straight forward popular patterns available in a single click. For the power-user there is deep customizability.

Dazzling Lights Transforming along the roof

If you think the ease, longevity, and flexibility of Darren Does That’s Permanent Christmas Lights might be right for your home call now to book an on-site consultation.

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